Pressing On

“One of the biggest advantages of the Makor HaTikvah school is the high quality of English teaching that is available there. Our son profited from studying  English on a much higher level than the Israeli  curriculum required. This helped our oldest son to prove himself fit for the high school he now is attending.” V. B. (Mother of middle-school graduate)

“My daughter really achieved a high level, especially in English as well as real enthusiasm for her studies. She is well-grounded in her faith in the Lord and will be able to stand strong even in the company of unbelieving kids.  It seems that the Lord set up other believers in the classes at the different schools where all the Makor graduates ended up, and that is really God’s faithfulness.  Thanks for all you have invested in our dear children. With great appreciation.” Ziona (Mother of middle-school graduate)

“Makor HaTikvah prepared our daughter well for her transition to the local Israeli high school.  I was pleasantly surprised to see just how easy it was for her to make that adjustment which was extremely smooth and natural.  I know that this was due to the great educational investment of the excellent teachers she had and the effective way in which they taught the subjects.  Of course, there is the real advantage of small and close-knit groups which contribute to the success of their learning process, allowing for each student to work according to their own level and skill.”  S.M. (Mother of middle-school graduate)

“We were glad to have chosen Makor HaTikvah as the school to educate our daughter. She received instruction in our believing heritage and godly principles along with an education good enough to excel on exams in order to enter the best school in Jerusalem.”  L.M. (Mother of middle-school graduate)

 One Makor HaTikvah Family’s Personal Story

“Makor HaTikvah is a wonderful manifestation of the Lord providing hope for the Jewish Messianic community in Israel (just as its name means, “The Source of Hope”).  This school is another way through which the Lord reminds us that we are not rejected and that there is a community that cares for us and for the fruit of our womb as well.  In this school our three children are being taught to read , write, serve Yeshua and love their neighbor as themselves. It is widely known in Israel that there are failures within the public educational system—the lack of personal attention, worldly doctrines taught as facts and even abuse which are just a small portion of these issues.  Fortunately, we are not dealing with those issues at Makor HaTikvah. Hearing my children tell about how they sing songs of worship to Yeshua each day in Hebrew, seeing their academic success and all in such a loving and God-fearing environment, is a comfort for our souls and indeed a source of hope for us!” 

 A Family Of Believers

“As a second-generation Israeli believer who had never been persecuted in the Israeli secular school system while growing up, my husband and I never once considered sending our child to a Messianic school since we thought that our kids should learn to cope with the reality of being a minority in this country and learn to share their faith with their unsaved friends. However, we began to see that both academically and socially our first child was simply not doing well, and by the end of her second year, the happy, outgoing, friendly child became introverted and frustrated. Each day was a struggle. What became clear to me was that this simply was not the place for her. It was then that we began to check into Makor HaTikvah, find out whose children were attending and speak to the parents. During our first visit, we saw that she immediately connected with the girls her age, and her first year there resulted in a new sense of joy, a sudden interest in learning and making new friends. The school truly became our “Source of Hope” as is the name of the school. Today, our eldest already graduated from Makor and transitioned well into one of the local high schools, while two of our daughters still attend this school as will our fourth when she is old enough.”