Current Needs

We are constantly embarking upon new projects and running into different needs here at Makor HaTikvah. Whether it be upgrades, equipment purchases or a sudden need for building repairs, there are constantly additional expenses that must be absorbed by our monthly budget. We want to give you the opportunity to provide specifically for these projects or needs, as the Lord leads.

Special Projects / Needs:

    • New Playground Facility – Replacing the old play structures (for pre-schoolers) with new structures more fitting grown-up kids. Projected amount: approximately $20,000 or more

Special Funds:

  • Scholarships for students of families in need; Sponsoring a student averages $2,200 per year
  • Cultural Fund–Enables trips and visits to museums, theatre, and events.
  • Teachers’ Continuing Education Fund–Cost per semester $3,600 per teacher
  • Art Fund–Supplies per year average $2,000