Volume 4 Issue 3

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OUR FUTURE Could Be In Jeopardy

Dan (not his real name) was a student at Makor HaTikvah for 4 years.  Apart from having grown up in a believing home, he participated in our daily worship assemblies and was prayed for and nurtured by our teachers.  Even though Dan adeptly played the role of the “dutiful, believing child,” he began to get into serious trouble.  Just before his graduation, I (the principal) spoke to him about the importance of making a real commitment to the Lord and being prepared for eternity, because we never know when that moment will occur.  Dan knew he had to get right with the Lord, and so he promised to think about all I’d said over the summer. 

One of the first letters I had received upon returning from summer vacation was his.  Here is what it said:

“This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to go to the Katzir Youth Conference which, looking back, could ONLY be an act of our loving Father. At first, the only reason I had wanted to go was that I wanted to get out of the house for a while, but, as usual, God had a better reason and plan for me to go. During the worship sessions at the conference I just froze and felt no emotion whatsoever. It lasted this way for three days, until the final message of the conference was given to us in the hostel where we had lodged. That was the night, after three years of having taken the reigns of my life into my own hands, that I finally gave my life to Yeshua and became a real child of God.  Until then, I guess I would have been considered a grandchild of God, but, as we all know, God has no grandchildren… He ONLY has children.”

Together with the foundations which were laid in his home and the care and instruction he received at Makor HaTikvah, God has intervened and brought him to this moment.  This is truly the vision and the heart of our school – to prepare these young people to be the future of the Messianic movement in Israel.  Losing even one of them to the secularism of the Israeli public school system, to peer pressure or to drugs is not an option we are willing to face. 

It is these kinds of results which cause us to know that our investment into the education of these children is so vital, and that is why I want to share some serious news with you about the future of this school.

The Lord has been doing amazing things in and through Makor HaTikvah. If you’ve been reading our newsletter for the past three years, you have read so many of these stories.  In fact, it’s possible to say that the Lord simply revolutionized Makor HaTikvah. 

Part of those blessings included our ability to improve the level of education that is offered here, the addition of new staff, needed changes of curriculum, major construction making it possible to use our building in the most productive ways, establishing a scholarship fund and even beginning the process of official State recognition of our school.  Needless to say, so many Israeli believing families have been blessed by our school as a result of the many miracles which have taken place.

At the beginning of this school year I learned that someone who had partnered with us and was able to help the school move significantly forward would no longer be able to continue giving.  This comes as economies are faltering around the world and people are worried about what the future will bring.  Donations account for 80% of Makor HaTikvah’s operating income but with the significant reduction of donations we have been experiencing in recent months, we are unable to meet our monthly expenses. 

Our school is spiritually pivotal, located in the heart of Jerusalem and one which plays a vital role in spiritually and academically educating the children of the body of Israeli believers.  There is no question of the impact of its 23 year existence. Through the years, we have weathered many struggles, financial and otherwise, but, each time, the Lord came through and saved the day. 

Now that we are nearing the end of this journey of struggle by receiving official recognition by the Israeli Ministry of Education as an authorized Israeli school, the threat of our collapse seems more real than ever. I am advised that the last leg of that process to gain recognition could take up to 8 months and then we will finally be in a position to gain the recognition and receive the government funding that we so desperately need.

Today I had a visit from Deborah Miller, the woman who pioneered this school back in 1990.  She reminded me of the story of Ruth where Naomi said to call her “Mara,” (bitter), but the verse to follow says that it was the beginning of the barley harvest season with the promise of much abundance and many more great harvests to follow.  I believe that we, too, are truly in view of a new season of harvest and great promise and that God will somehow get us through this last hurdle, this final year of debt and personal obligation which we must overcome in order to reap the reward that He has prepared for us.

If you feel that the Lord is calling you to have a stake in that, by supporting us monthly or sending a one time gift, we would value your help at this time.

God established this school, and God, the giver and taker of life, will either put an end to it or bless it abundantly in order to bring glory to His name and also to show forth His sovereign purposes!  Either way, it’s all in His hands as we cast this burden upon Him, knowing that He cares for us!  Please know how deeply we appreciate all you’ve invested in our school as you have partnered together with us for the sake of these children.

Succoth at Makor HaTikvah

Every year, during Succoth, the ICEJ (the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem) sponsors a 3-day event in Jerusalem, hosting speakers and worship teams  from around the world as the Scriptures teach that every nation is commanded to celebrate this Feast (Zech. 14:16-17). This year, Makor HaTikvah was also represented at the Feast.

New Website Post

Check out our newly website posted article entitled, “ Being A Good Testimony to Your Marriage Partner.”  (Click “Family” tab)

Our Partner School in Germany

Our school was invited to visit our believing partner school in Ulm, Germany.  The photo depicts Cookie and her husband speaking to the children at their morning worship assembly.  The children were so excited to receive us as visitors and asked many questions about our school and life in Israel.

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Makor Mailbag

“What a wonderful newsletter.  I was so moved and blessed to see your children packing goods and performing for the Holocaust Survivors.  There is a special relationship between the elderly and the young.  Also I loved the way you are teaching the children respect which flows to them by being given respect in their own lives.  I wish you all, staff and pupils, a truly blessed academic year.”  Cath T.

“Your front page article is so good and I really endorse all you say about grown-ups, especially parents, showing their children respect.  The home should be the FIRST place they learn respect, but, as you say, so often it is not shown there at all.  So you really pick up where the parents fall short.”  Grace P. 

“Your main article this month is excellent, and so true – we have learned the same thing with our grandchildren, always talking to them and paying attention to them as we would with adults, and so far the older ones, aged 3, 4 and 5 are turning out to be generally happy, well-balanced, caring little people (obviously they still have their moments!). Well done, once again, to everyone who helps put the newsletter together.”  Helen H.

“WHAT A BLESSING THIS NEWSLETTER IS!! The whole letter was “Right On!” Our kids are our greatest harvest field—including all the sowing, watering, and reaping that goes into it and you all are doing it. Our prayers are with you all and with the whole Land of Israel. May the LORD YESHUA continues to bless and use you all.” Rhett & Virginia

“I really enjoyed reading about the concept of giving children respect. It is absolutely true that we, as parents and educators, present deep founding Biblical truths about our relationship with the Father through how we interact with the children. Something I teach our children here at our school is similar in theme. Many of our children have accepted Yeshua as their personal Saviour, and thus, they have His Spirit living in them – and it is not a junior Holy Spirit. Too often we adults treat them as such. We need to recognize that Yeshua identified their nature as the key to Kingdom living. Be blessed as you begin the school year. It is my prayer that you can feel His Spirit spurring you on to new heights.”  David S. (principal of a believing Canadian school)

Note From the Principal

As we begin the school year, in earnest, now that all of the Jewish holidays are behind us, we are standing in faith for a yet another year of abundant blessing and God’s bounty in all that we undertake—even though, from a financial perspective, our present reality says something else.  It is, therefore, always good that we don’t live by sight but rather by faith.  Our faith reminds us that the Lord, each month over the past three years, has wonderfully provided for all of our needs and has brought individuals who have a heart to partner with us and invest into the spiritual and academic process of the believing Israeli children who attend Makor HaTikvah.  Additionally, the evidence of God’s faithfulness is always present. We saw one example of this just before the holidays when we didn’t have enough finances to give the usual holiday gift to the teachers.  It was at that time that a Florida ministry contacted me, requesting a visit to our school.  They blessed each of our teachers with a larger gift than they’d ever received!  It made us realize that if God concerns Himself over such a trivial thing as the teachers’ holiday gifts, how much more will He abundantly provide throughout the school year? HE JUSTNEVER LETS US DOWN, so standing in faith is not at all difficult!  Please know how much we appreciate your involvement in our school which contributes to our success.  Together, we will surely witness the wonderful things that the Lord will continue to do in this school year of  2012-13.  Thanks always for your prayers!

In Yeshua’s matchless love, We wish you Shanna Tova!
Cookie Schwaeber-Issan along with all the staff of MHT


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