Making a Connection

When the school psychologist of a local school told us that our son would have to repeat the school year, we turned to Makor HaTikvah hoping to give him a second chance. Within a few weeks of transition, we received so much more than a second chance. Our once reclusive and timid child became a secure, happy and participating member of the class. The nurturing environment and loving teachers have allowed him to embrace school life with zeal. We have witnessed his flourishing desire to please his teachers and to honor God. With three children now enrolled at the school, we continue to be amazed by the selfless devotion of their teachers and by the affirming milieu. The former morning routine of dropping of a tearful child has been replaced by a send-off with smiles and anticipation for what the day will bring. We thank God daily for Makor HaTikvah and the haven it is for our children.

– Parent

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