In 1990, a small group of believing Israeli parents began to explore alternate educational options for their children who were currently being educated by the secular Israeli school system.

As a result, Makor Hatikvah Messianic Day School was born.   The name means “Source of Hope,” and the idea was to create a spiritually healthy environment for children that would shut out many ungodly influences which dominate other schools in Israel.

The Beginning

What began with a handful of children who met in the Christ Church building located in the Old City in Jerusalem, soon mushroomed into 30-40 children, outgrowing the site and necessitating our move to the property of the International Anglican School in the heart of Jerusalem where it is currently located.  In this location its numbers have grown to well over 100 students.

Consequently, our staff has grown as well employing over 20 teachers who teach all subjects which include math, English, Arabic, geography, science, language and literature, music, art and sports.  We also offer private tutoring both for special education and for the children of new immigrants who are learning the Hebrew language. Makor HaTikvah also has a school choir and offers the option of after-school piano lessons.

Our Faith

Our Messianic faith is central to all we do at the school.  Each day begins with a morning assembly which includes worship, prayers and the Word of God.  We seek to be doers of God’s word and not only hearers as we teach the principles of love and respect for one another and appropriate responses to authority.  As the only Messianic school in Jerusalem, we have a singular responsibility to equip our children to live as believers in this world.  We know that this is never easy and often especially challenging in Israel.

Our Classes

Our classes are small, enabling us to provide a high quality of education as well as individual and personalized attention.  At present we have 109 children comprising 23 in the kindergarten (aged 3-6) 70 in elementary school (aged 6-12) and 16 in our middle school (age 13-15).

These students come from a variety of backgrounds and countries although many were born here in Israel. However, all the children are united through the common language of Hebrew which is the only language spoken in our school.

Since our school teaches the regular Israeli curriculum, this has enabled our children to transfer easily into or out of Makor HaTikvah if families relocate.  New Testament studies is also an integral part of our curriculum.  When we celebrate the Feasts, we specifically emphasize the ways in which they have been and are being fulfilled in Yeshua, our Messiah.

Many of our Makor HaTikva graduates have gone on to excel in regular Israeli high schools. Some have even gone on to serve in the Israeli armed forces and/or further study in higher education.

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