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  • Volume 5 Issue 7

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    PLANS FOR A HOPE AND A FUTURE–Important to Read

    Thank God for scriptures like Jeremiah 29:10: “ I know the plans that I have for you…plans for a hope and a future.” Twenty-four years ago, the Lord raised up this very unique Messianic school in the heart of Jerusalem, and its existence has been threatened on many occasions, but God has always had a plan for a hope and a future for Makor HaTikvah.  With God’s help, we weathered a closure order, several judge’s decisions and a recent decision by the Education Ministry.  We’ve also weathered countless lean financial periods, and yet, God kept us standing.  

    How can we not believe that He has a hope and a future for us?  Yet today Makor HaTikvah is experiencing yet another financial lean time where our donations are down around $30,000 each month.  Are we to believe that after all He’s brought us through that He will not come through yet again?

    If He is calling you to help us and invest in our future, think of all you’ll be doing – taking part in the destiny of these Israeli believing children who will impact this land, sowing into the first Messianic institution to possibly be recognized and funded by the government one day and helping to bring the message of Yeshua into the fore-front as a result of our school. We ask you to prayerfully consider how you can be part of this amazing opportunity called Makor HaTikvah. We are standing on Jeremiah 29:10, because it is God’s truth, and we are trusting Him for a solution and a way out.


    What a Godsend, and the timing couldn’t have been better.  Yoel has been working as a teacher at MHT for the last two years, and, this year, with the completion of his Masters’ Degree from Hebrew University in Policy, Administration and Leadership Education, he will now be filling the role of Pedagogical Manager.  We are excited about the great enthusiasm and energy he brings with him in his personal goal to significantly raise the academic level of our school, bringing it to a place of prominence amongst Jerusalem schools. Yoel is married, the father of two and immigrated in 2002 from Ukraine where he taught Hebrew to children and adults. He has also attended bible school where he received training in pastoral leadership and is presently an active member of a congregation in Ma’ale Adumim.


    There isn’t a day that goes by that my husband and I are not thankful to the Lord for Makor HaTikvah. The school has been such a great blessing to our daughter Noam who will graduate in just a few short months after 9 fruitful years there. Noam is one of 5 children and the third to graduate from MHT.  As parents, the most wonderful and positive thing is the fact that the school backs up the Messianic upbringing that our daughter receives at home. Beyond the professional teaching which is provided by the school’s dedicated staff, she also receives hours of in-depth teaching from the scriptures, worship time, and even extra instruction concerning the challenges faced by today’s messianic teens in their daily lives.  Noam will graduate strong and solid in her faith, equipped with the needed tools for her next 3 years in a secular Israeli high school followed by her subsequent army service. We are very grateful to all the school’s supporters from around the world who have helped to make this kind of education possible to the Israeli Messianic children in Jerusalem.

    MHT Supporter Receives Word From The Lord

    One of our supporters sent us this word from the Lord which she feels is for Makor HaTikvah:  “In my Bible study time this morning I came upon something that I thought was amazing.  Isaiah 27:3:  “I ,the Lord, (Yahweh) keep it; I will water it every moment. Lest one visit on it with evil intent; night and day, I will guard it.” 
    In context, He is talking about His Vineyard… immediately I could see your school!  Makor HaTikvah, His School of Hope, with its Godly roots and struggle for life, is a precious vineyard with branches, young and “old”; all growing and maturing together in Him.

    Makor Mailbag

    Thanks for all your updates. They are very encouraging. Keep up the good work! Look forward to hearing about a breakthrough with the license, that God will maintain this precious school.”  Karin H.

    “I will keep you in my prayers. I believe strongly that your testimony is a powerful tool against what Satan is trying to do. Stay strong, stay faithful, as He is strong and faithful. Remember, we fight from victory – not for victory !”  David S., Principal of a Canadian believing school

    “May your school, a doorway of hope in the “city of peace” be a forerunner to prepare the way and usher in the the return of Yeshua.” Lelonnie H., Elementary Chaplain and Kindergarten Teacher, Kansas City, MO

    “I am sitting here in utter Godly amazement on hearing your children’s prayer life.  How beautiful.”  Cath T.

    “What wonderful happenings you are experiencing from heaven from our wonderful Savior Whose Name is Wonderful. What a privilege for you to witness these children coming so close into their Father`s presence. There are some wonderful testimonies which really glorify the Lord. I feel it is a special privilege to be able to share in even a little bit of your unique school.”   Jenny G.

    “There is so much momentum and activity in the spiritual realm over your school & ministry … not surprising the warfare, just really “feel” the importance of the moment for you and Makor HaTikvah.  There’s really some great strategic spiritual significance to you in that location both physically & spiritually in the city of our God, that has more to do than merely your school’s existence.”  Kevin J.

    How to Be Involved

    Funding Teachers’ Education  
    As we take on the challenge of educationally equipping Messianic teachers to obtain their degrees, this fund is crucial in helping to pay for the educational costs of low-salaried teachers who would not be able to pay themselves.  Most of the teachers only have 2–3 more years of study, and then they will be fully certified. This will help us to finally receive our license.

    Culture Fund
    If you would like to help defray the costs of our school’s trips, please designate your gift for the purpose of transportation.

    Tax Bill Overdue
    Our tax bill is $100,000 in arrears.  Please help us to become debt free!

    4-Seater Swing
    We would love to complete our playground with a bird-nest swing which is very popular these days. The children pray daily for it! 

    Last Two Windows
    After the last snowstorm, two older windows which hadn’t needed replacing, are now warped. Cost: $2,600

    Purim 2014

    Dressing up in costumes is traditional, and our kids love doing it.Purim 2014 044

    As you can see in the photos, our children and teachers wore  various costumes, some of which they created themselves.

    Letter from Our Managing Director

    What He opens, no man can shut.” (Rev. 3:7-8)  This has been the story of Makor HaTikvah over these past 24 years since our school began.  Despite extremely challenging periods which have threatened our existence, God has faithfully looked after us, making sure that His work remains.  Watching all of this has strengthened our resolve, knowing that this school truly is one which the Lord, Himself has raised up and, therefore, has a vested interest in keeping it going.  Of course, when you read testimonies of parents, such as the one in this edition, you begin to understand the significant impact that this school is making on the students who attend.  It is literally equipping them, during their most impressionable years, for the next chapter of their lives, and you, in part, are a big reason for that success!   Your financial and prayer support of our school is one of the best investments you will ever make, because you are making it possible for these young people to be strongly shaped and molded in their faith.  

    With Gratitude,

    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan
    Managing Director, Makor HaTikvah Messianic Jewish Hebrew Day School
    Along with all of our staff