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  • Volume 5, Issue 8

    News From The Source

    My Teacher Changed My Life

    The once shy girl who never did well in the spotlight has today blossomed into a popular, bubbly 9 year old who is no longer afraid to assert herself.  Here’s how it happened as told by her mother….

    “The other night, my daughter sat down at the dinner table and exclaimed, ‘My teacher changed my life.’  Even though I’d known she had recently overcome several hurdles, I couldn’t imagine what she meant, so I asked her to explain.  She excitedly said, ‘I used to be so shy that I would ask one of my classmates to speak to the teacher for me, but now I can speak in front of the whole class.  Thanks to the encouragement of her teacher who has provided a safe environment, she feels free to express herself.’  As her mother, I have truly seen her become more bold.  She now asks to read aloud and takes a more active role in class activities.  It’s hard to believe that this is the same girl who would cry herself to sleep the night before an oral test or who would crumble at the thought of being called upon to give an answer during the lesson.  I am so grateful for the peaceful and calm atmosphere at MHT which has been the reason for all these amazing changes in her life.”

    Would You Pay $2.00 to Wear Jeans?

    After last year’s visit to Cleburne Christian Academy in Texas, they still remembered us and came up with quite an original idea of how to help.

    Principal Eddie Bacca speaks:  “We shared once again with our student body about the call that God has on us to support Israel, according to Genesis 12:3, and the privilege and joy we have in doing what He’s called us to do. 
    The Project: We told our student body and teachers that they could participate in supporting Israel by paying $2.00 to wear jeans, instead of their regular uniform.  This was done for four weeks and we were able to raise $500.00.  ‘What a joy it is that the Lord gives us opportunity to participate in supporting the people of Israel.’  This is something we intend to do again this semester!”
    MHT’s response to the Jeans Kids:
    “You all rock, first of all!  That you would actually think of our school, come up with this very clever and cool idea to pay for the privilege of wearing jeans, is absolutely heartwarming!  Please know just how touched we were to hear about this and see it first-hand through the photo you sent.  In the book of Proverbs it says, “Even a child is known by his doings.”  You are known, both by God and by us, for what you have done in supporting our school so that Israeli believing kids in Jerusalem can have the same thing you have – a God-centered education.  It’s not a regular occurrence here in Israel, so it’s very special that you recognize the importance of such a school and want to play a part in helping it to continue.  Please know how very much we appreciate your efforts.  May the Lord bless each one of you in a very particular and personal way.”

    New Article Posted

    We are happy to introduce the writings of Dr. Richard Curwin, an expert in the field of school discipline, motivation and classroom management.  He is currently the manager of the Masters Program in Jerusalem’s David Yellin College.  Here is an excerpt from his article “How To Make Consequences Work”  which can definitely be applied in the home life of every student as parents learn to effectively mold their children in ways that are up-building and positive. To read the entire article, go to our website of www.makorhatikvah.org and press the articles tab.

    Following, is an excerpt of the article:

    “When it comes to consequences, how we implement them is more important than what they are. The interventions that work best are the ones that engage students, include their ideas, are dealt with privately and are non-confrontational. Small things make big differences. Tone of voice matters, especially if it indicates a high degree of emotion, including fear, anger, frustration or “not you again.” Sarcastic inflections that are subtle but, to the student, unmistakable will generate higher resistance than straightforward communication. Oftentimes students can choose the best consequence for themselves. When students choose their own consequence or intervention, they have a stake in its success. The more control we give students, the more likely they will develop the skills for responsible behavior. Choices empower students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their actions.”

    Makor Mailbag

    We are always glad to receive your updates and see God’s faithfulness to the school over all these years. May God continue to be your provider and sustainer. David S.

    So good to get your newsletter.   You do such a wonderful job in communicating your mission, your needs, and engaging people in the mission to which you’ve been called.  Thanks for sharing. Jerry T.

    “We are standing in faith together with you that the authorities in Israel will recognise your school and allow it to continue. We pray for God’s favour to be upon you. Be greatly blessed!” Pastor L.

    “Continuing to pray regularly for you and am standing with you.” John S.W.

    “At such a time of need, all the other precious words of encouragement parents & others had sent, are so inspiring! As always, you & the school are in my prayers.” Duana J.B.

    “I think about you and the school weekly if not daily.  We pray for you regularly here and believe that the Lord is going to continue to take care of and bless the school as He always has.”  Kevin B.

    “We will be praying for you and the school. He Who had begun a good work will complete it in the day of the Messiah Yeshua.”  Jesma O.

    How to Be Involved

    Funding Teachers’ Education  
    We need well-equipped Messianic teachers, and our goal is to help them obtain their degrees. This fund helps to pay for the educational costs because low-salaried teachers cannot afford it themselves.  Most of the teachers have 2–3 more years of study, to be fully certified. As this is a governmental requirement, it will help us to finally receive our license.

    Culture Fund
    We cannot provide school trips without subsidizing their transportation which is very costly. If you wish to help us, please designate your gift for “school trips.”

    Tax Bill Overdue
    Our tax bill is $100,000 in arrears.  Please help us to become debt free!

    Kids still pray for A 4-Seater Swing
    Every morning, our students pray for a bird-nest swing, which will complete our new playground.

    Would you like to help answer this prayer?

    Last Two Windows
    After the last snowstorm, two older windows which hadn’t needed replacing, are now warped. Cost: $2,600

    Letter from Our Managing Director

    We have just returned from a lengthy Passover break, spring is in full bloom and another school year is nearing its end.  We have witnessed God’s blessings in this school year of 2013-14 as our plans come into a much sharper focus towards the goal of official State recognition for Makor HaTikvah. Teachers who are studying towards their degree and teaching certificates will continue to do so next year, and, with God’s help, we will be able to finance those studies. With the help of our new pedagogic manager, we are making a number of changes in order to offer the best and most practical course of study for our particular students that is possible.  With your help, we will continue to meet our monthly financial obligations, stay current with our taxes and pay our teachers on time.  With God’s help, we will be instrumental in helping our students both academically and spiritually to become the young men and women of God who will be the future spiritual leaders and economic contributors in this land.  There is much promise in the future of Makor HaTikvah, and you are sowing into a very worthwhile effort which we know will bear much fruit.  As always, thank you for your wonderful participation in our school and for all you sow into the vision of Messianic Hebrew education for the children of the Israeli body of believers in the Jerusalem area.  We remain grateful for all you do for us.

    With Deep Appreciation,

    Cookie Schwaeber-Issan
    Managing Director, Makor HaTikvah Messianic Jewish Hebrew Day School
    Along with all of our staff