Vision Statement

Our Vision

  • Makor HaTikvah school educates children according to the Messianic faith in Yeshua the Messiah which is found in the scriptures.
  • The school, both Elementary and Junior High, aspires to teach its students to be godly citizens with a strong connection to the land of Israel, the Zionist dream, the Hebrew language and the Body of Messiah in the land of Israel.
  • Makor HaTikvah’s students are able to integrate into public high schools in Israel both academically and socially upon graduating middle school.
  • Makor HaTikvah’s students have a comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God (both old and new testament) and the foundations of the Faith in Yeshua.

Vision of the Educational Staff

  • The staff endeavors to be a personal model in their conduct and teaching to the believing students in their charge – living out their faith in all they do.
  • The educational staff recognizes and supports both the strength and the weakness of each student, and encourages the child to become independent and self -motivated..
  • The staff is committed to finding and adopting teaching techniques and strategies that improve our educational results.
  • The staff strives to be a team with mutual respect for one another.


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