About us


Vision Statement

Our Vision

  • Makor HaTikvah school educates children according to the Messianic faith in Yeshua the Messiah which is found in the scriptures.
  • The school, both Elementary and Middle school, aspires to teach its students to be godly citizens with a strong connection to the land of Israel, the Zionist dream, the Hebrew language and the Body of Messiah in the land of Israel.
  • Makor HaTikvah’s students are able to integrate into public high schools in Israel both academically and socially upon graduating middle school.
  • Makor HaTikvah’s students have a comprehensive knowledge of the Word of God (both Old and New Testament) and the foundations of the Faith in Yeshua.

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Mission Statement

Makor HaTikvah, presently under the auspices and supervision of the Anglican International School of Jerusalem, has a mission to provide an alternative source of education for the children of Israeli Messianic Jewish families as well as temporary or long-term believing families who desire that their children become an integral part of Israel’s society during their stay in the Land; Continue reading



A number of years ago, a small group of believing Israeli parents began to explore alternate educational options for their children who were currently being educated by the secular Israeli school system.

As a result, Makor Hatikvah Messianic Day School was born. The name means “Source of Hope,” and the idea was to create a spiritually healthy environment for children that would shut out many ungodly influences which dominate other schools in Israel.
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Statement of Faith

What We Believe

As a Messianic school whose students come from a variety of Israeli Messianic congregations, with somewhat different viewpoints or teachings, we recognize that there are diverse expressions within the Messianic movement and, as a school which accepts all of these families, we choose to promote the basic doctrines which are common to all of us rather than emphasize other doctrines which may not be equally shared by all or interpreted in the same way.  Therefore, the following are the more classic and shared biblical doctrines of those families whose children attend Makor HaTikvah:

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