A Family Of Believers

As a second-generation Israeli believer who had never been persecuted in the Israeli secular school system while growing up, my husband and I never once considered sending our child to a Messianic school since we thought that our kids should learn to cope with the reality of being a minority in this country and learn to share their faith with their unsaved friends. However, we began to see that both academically and socially our first child was simply not doing well, and by the end of her second year, the happy, outgoing, friendly child became introverted and frustrated. Each day was a struggle. What became clear to me was that this simply was not the place for her. It was then that we began to check into Makor HaTikvah, find out whose children were attending and speak to the parents. During our first visit, we saw that she immediately connected with the girls her age, and her first year there resulted in a new sense of joy, a sudden interest in learning and making new friends. The school truly became our “Source of Hope” as is the name of the school. Today, our three daughters attend this school as will our fourth when she is old enough.

(S.M. – mother of one of our students)

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