Working As A Team

 “To be effective educational leaders, you must display social or human skills naturally, unconsciously and consistently.  Examples of interpersonal skills include communicating clearly both written and orally, establishing and maintaining cooperative and collaborative relationships, being sociable and showing sensitivity, empathy, consideration and tact.”

When you really analyze the above attributes, you understand just how important they are in contributing not only to the educational process of the kids but also working together harmoniously as a staff.  I love the part about cooperative and collaborative relationships, because when each person uses their particular gifting and talents, everyone wins.  We accomplish so much together when we work in cooperation with one another. 

Being sociable is the atmosphere that we create.  Just hearing that first hello in the morning or receiving a word of encouragement or even a compliment goes a long way in causing others to feel as if they matter, and we all want that feeling, don’t we. 

Showing sensitivity means that I take into consideration the personal circumstances of a person and, therefore, choose my words carefully and tactfully so as to not add to any bad feelings or hardships that they are already under.

Empathy, of course, means that I not only feel their pain but I may even be willing to help find relief in order to alleviate their difficulties.  It is definitely going a greater distance in the relationship.  Showing consideration often involves putting others first and sacrificing your own plans, comfort, agenda for the higher goal of blessing someone else.

None of us are always in this full mindset, but I do believe that, to the extent that we can think and operate along these lines, we will work much more effectively and happily as a team – reaching our goal of giving lasting values and useful education to the children who are under our daily care as well as becoming a solid, caring group which blesses each other.

Here at Makor HaTikvah, we rely upon the Lord give us the wisdom, strength and understanding of how we can work together in ways that best bring glory and honor to His name.

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